We have 122,000sq. feet of warehouse space available. 37,000sq. feet is racked increasing it even more. Leaving only 56,000sq. feet as floor store. With this way ADWS get the optimum use of our warehousing capabilities. The Pick & Pack areas are prime and in our light assembly division we have the capability to: heat seal, rivet, prep-and-pack, light display assembly, furniture assembly and light manufacturing.


Pick & Pack

Furniture & Display Light Assembly


Warehouses provide a economies of scale through efficient operations, storage capacity and a central location. Economic benefits are realized, for example, through consolidation and accumulation operations. Consolidation operations cut outbound delivery costs for both the business and its customers.

Instead of shipping items individually from multiple sources, items are delivered to a central warehouse, packaged together and shipped back out as a complete order. Accumulation operations allow a warehouse to act as a buffer, balancing supply and demand for seasonal and long-term storage. This can be vital to business profitability when demand for a product is year-round but the product may only be available at certain times of the year.


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